Tenant Screening and Background Checks

Approve qualified tenants with minimum hassle

Evictions are costly.

Illegal activity on your property could make you liable for civil and criminal penalties.

And unreliable tenants are simply a headache.

We help property owners and managers sleep at night.

Our tenant screening services are designed to give you the most complete picture of a prospective tenant. With background checks that cover credit, criminal, and eviction history, you’re able to make smart, safe choices while staying in compliance with federal, local, and Fair Housing regulations.

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Why EagleScreen?

Our clients range from mom-and-pop landlords to commercial property management companies.

However big or small you are, you can depend on our personalized customer service combined with technical expertise and industry experience.

Whether you own one rental property or hundreds, we’re here to help you find the best possible tenants.

Here’s one thing we hear from landlords all the time: you don’t know what you don’t know.

Don’t worry. That’s why we’re here. We’ll help you stay in compliance with Fair Housing regulations and all state and federal requirements. Our experienced team of professionals understands that you need fast, accurate results that don’t cut corners.

  • Our comprehensive tenant background check includes:
  • National eviction records search
  • Criminal history records checks
  • Credit history and FICO score
  • Resident Scoring Model

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Our Process

Our tenant screening services combine state-of-the-art technology with decades of experience in the screening industry.

The result is fast, fair, and accurate screenings that provide you with peace of mind and protect your prospective tenants’ personal information.

  • You give us your rental applicant’s email

    Let us take it from here. We’ll contact your applicant directly and begin the process.

  • The applicant submits their information online

    Our secure platform keeps private information such as social security numbers safe and confidential. A paperless workflow saves time, reduces confusion, and cuts down on waste.

  • We do our thing

    Our comprehensive tenant background check covers your applicant’s financial, criminal, and rental histories. Red flags? Real people with expert backgrounds conduct personalized research to find out more.

  • You review your report and make the best choice

    We deliver a comprehensive tenant screening report with all the information you need to select the best tenants.

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Our tenant background screening includes:

  • Financial information

    We run a detailed check on your rental applicants to verify their income and employment history, check for liens and bankruptcies, and examine their credit history. You get a full credit report and FICO score that can help determine your applicant’s ability to pay rent consistently.

  • Criminal background

    We’ll check your applicant’s name against local, state, and national criminal and sex offender databases. We’ll also check global watchlists for evidence of terrorist activity. If there’s a match, you’ll get a list of convictions, pending cases, and active warrants involving your applicant.

  • Rental history

    We’ll check for a history of late rent payments, eviction reports, complaints, or breaking the terms of lease agreements. We’ll also let you know if your applicant has ever been evicted. If they have a history of late rental payments, we can let you know how late, by how much, and how recently.

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Tenant Screening Solutions

  • National crime / sex offender

    Protect your tenants from criminals and sex offenders—and protect yourself from liability and lawsuits. By searching the nation’s largest privately held criminal database (as well as public records including state and county court information, department of correction information, federal sanctions lists, and state sex offender registries), we’re able to cast a “wide net” for offenders.

    When red flags pop up, we conduct additional searches at the county court level to verify any potential matches, determine the nature and outcome of any criminal proceedings, and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations.

  • County criminal search

    County criminal records provide the most complete and up-to-date information about an applicant’s criminal history.

    We’ll search the records of the county where the applicant currently lives, as well as any that we’ve flagged in the National Crime Search. At this level, we’re able to provide detailed information about felony or misdemeanor convictions, pending cases, and active warrants.


    Make sure you comply with U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) requirements for landlords.

    We’ll search the most up-to-date records from top U.S. and global official sanction and embargo lists to ensure that your applicant isn’t a known terrorist, narcotics trafficker, money launderer, or threat to national security.

  • Credit report with FICO score

    EagleScreen credit reports are specifically designed to meet tenant screening needs. Results include your applicant’s FICO Risk Score, credit and financial summaries, name variations, address history, and credit history.

  • National eviction search

    Non-paying tenants can cost you thousands of dollars in lost income and legal fees. We’ll check for an eviction history with instant access to thousands of eviction records from across the country.

    Our trained, experienced staff reviews potentially adverse results to ensure accurate and timely reporting.

  • Resident Scoring Model

    Think of our Resident Scoring Model as a credit score just for renters. Using inquiry, credit, and eviction data and examining factors that are statistically tied to an applicant’s ability to pay rent, we create a score that can help lower your eviction risk.

  • Statewide Criminal Search

    Our Statewide Criminal Search broadens the scope of criminal records. We check your applicant against statewide repositories, agencies, highway patrol departments, and departments of corrections for the most complete and accurate screening.

    Reported information usually includes offense date, nature of offense, sentencing date, disposition, and current status.

    Not every state makes its criminal record repository available to the public. Contact our office to learn more about the availability of statewide criminal reports in your area.

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What You Can Expect from Our Tenant Background Checks

  • Compliance

    Reduce the risk of Fair Housing violations and stay in compliance with OFAC, state, and federal regulations. EagleScreen conducts multi-jurisdictional searches and verifies any potential matches that appear on databases by ordering and completing additional searches at the county court level. This lowers your risk of lawsuits and civil and criminal penalties.

  • Convenience

    We combine electronic, paperless workflows and a single, integrated platform with a flexible and friendly support team. That means less work and fewer headaches for you and fewer hoops for your rental applicants to jump through.

  • Reliability

    We access the most comprehensive databases available to make sure we can give you the most reliable information. Results are reviewed by our trained, experienced staff to ensure accurate and timely reporting.

  • Security

    From social security numbers to comprehensive contact information, screening involves potentially sensitive data. Our secure platform lets your applicants share personal information with confidence, and our credit checks are run as “soft inquiries” so they won’t negatively affect an applicant’s credit.

  • Expertise

    We believe technology works best when it’s backed by real people with real experience. Our security and compliance experts are on hand to answer your questions and analyze your results.

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