Pre-Employment Screening

Confidence, Compliance, and Customized Solutions

Bad hiring decisions can cost your company. When you’re building your team, time, money, and—most importantly—your reputation are all on the line.

Fortunately, you don’t need to risk it all every time you hire a new employee. Customized screening solutions help you make the best possible hiring decisions while minimizing your stress.

  • What we offer:
  • Pre-employment background & drug screening
  • Criminal history records checks
  • Employment verification services
  • Other screening services

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Pre-Employment Screening for Your Hiring Needs

EagleScreen provides thorough, reliable, and compliant pre-employment screening solutions for organizations of all sizes.

We also pride ourselves on offering best-in-class customer service. Our quick turnaround and compliance expertise can help keep your hiring processes moving—and when you need help, we’re only a phone call away.

Hire with integrity. Hire with confidence.

What Sets EagleScreen Apart

  • Customization

    We work with you to make sure you have everything you need and nothing you don’t. If our pre-set packages don’t work for you, we’ll customize one that does

  • Efficiency

    We know you can’t afford to wait on results. Our average turnaround time for a criminal background check is just eighteen hours.

  • Security

    Secure data transmission and host system compliance ensure sensitive data is protected while backup and ongoing vulnerability testing protect against data compromise or loss.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our competitive pricing can help you increase your profit margin and free up more funds to pursue your business goals. In an industry known for secrecy, our pricing, process, and our business methods aim for transparency.

  • Compliance Expertise

    Our team includes research analysts and compliance experts who can guide you on the legalities and ethics of how screenings can be used, how to craft compliant policies, and how to comply with government regulations regarding background and drug screenings.

  • True ATS Integration

    We combine technology with experience to take the work out of screening your job candidates. Our automated system integrates with your ATS and sends you alerts when there’s something you need to know.

Keep your employees, customers, and company safe.

Superior Candidate Experience

It’s not easy to find the right candidates, so don’t lose them before they’ve even been hired. With our innovative, paperless platform, your potential employees are able to add or edit information, review results, and sign off with digital signatures.


We know we’re dealing with sensitive information, so we put a premium on security and make the screening process as easy and stress-free as possible.

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Our Process

  • Talk to our team

    You tell us about your company and schedule a customized demo. We’ll then make the best recommendation for your pre-employment screening package based on your size, industry, and specific needs.

  • Let us integrate (if you want)

    We work with your company’s applicant tracking system so your screening process integrates seamlessly with your onboarding process. A paperless workflow saves time, reduces confusion, and cuts down on waste.

  • Sit back and relax

    Consent forms are sent. If ATS integration is desired, the ATS is updated as each section of the background check is completed and candidates are able to add or edit information and review results. If you’ve booked verification services, we’ll save you time and energy by handling the calls and letting you know what we find out.

  • Get results

    Don’t lose out on a good candidate! Get results as soon as they’re available so you can make your hiring decisions quickly and confidently.

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Pre-Employment Screening Packages

We offer multiple screening packages so that you can get exactly what you need. Don’t see the right options here? Just give us a call!

Basic Package

  • SSN Trace

    Know who you’re hiring. This powerful background screening tool provides a comprehensive record of the job applicant’s name variations and previous addresses. With this information, we’re able to conduct a criminal background check in all the counties where the applicant has lived.

  • National Sex Offender Registry

    Make sure you’re not hiring a known sex offender. We’ll compare your job candidate to the most comprehensive, updated lists of registered sex offenders in the United States.

  • Current County Criminal Search

    Does your applicant have a criminal history? We’ll search the records of the county where the applicant currently lives for any felony or misdemeanor conviction information.

Standard Package

Everything included in the Basic Package, plus:

  • 7-Year Criminal History

    Take your criminal records search to the next level. We’ll conduct a search of the criminal records in all the counties in which the job applicant has lived for the past seven years. This search can return information about any offenses, charges, file numbers, file dates, dispositions, and sentences from any county in the United States.

Premium Package

Everything included in the Basic & Standard Packages, plus:

  • National Criminal Database Search

    This multi-jurisdictional search provides the most complete check of an applicant’s criminal history. Our proprietary database is compiled from US court records and routinely updated. The data is sourced from county courts, statewide criminal databases, and national sex offender and correctional databases.


    Make sure you’re in compliance with U.S. Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) requirements. We’ll search for the most up-to-date records from top U.S. and global official sanction and embargo lists to ensure that your applicant isn’t a known terrorist or other threat to national security.


  • Employment Verification

    Let us do the legwork of contacting previous and current employers. We’ll confirm that your applicant’s resume matches their actual job history by verifying employment, employment dates, and positions held.

  • Education Verification

    Employees with fake degrees can expose you to serious risks and liability concerns. We’ll verify that your applicant has the education and skills needed for the position by making sure their degree is from a legitimate, accredited institution and confirming their dates of attendance, degree, area of study, and graduation date.

  • Professional License Verification

    Protect yourself from liability issues by ensuring your job applicant has the licenses they claim to have. We’ll contact the license issuing authority on your behalf to verify the license, the date it was issued, and the expiration date.

  • Motor Vehicle Report

    Be sure your applicant is eligible to drive for work. We can verify their safe driving history and let you know about recent violations, suspended or expired licenses, and any vehicle-related crimes.

Don’t see exactly what you need? Don’t worry. We can also build custom packages and provide industry-specific products tailored to your company’s requirements.


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The EagleScreen Advantage

Fast and reliable pre-employment screening, lower cost, and outstanding customer care: these are just some of the qualities that set us apart.

We know you have other options. It’s our goal to exceed the competition with personalized service, expert guidance, and fast, thorough screenings.

Explore More Screenings

  • Drug Screening

    Reduce risk, increase safety, and comply with federal DOT regulations with our streamlined drug testing process.

  • Corporate Due Diligence

    Before you hire a new CEO, appoint a new board member, or invest in a founder, look for red flags with our intensive executive background check.

  • Resident Screening

    Protect yourself, your property, and your other residents with our thorough and accurate resident scans.

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Social Security Trace
National Criminal / Sex Offender
Country Criminal Search (Current country of residence only)
Country Criminal Search based on 7 years of address history
National Federal Criminal Search
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