Safe harbor provisions of privacy policy

Eagle Screen is committed to protecting the privacy of personal data that is gathered and maintained on behalf of businesses requesting consumer data inquiries. We comply with the seven Safe Harbor principles as set forth by the United States Department of Commerce, in relation to personal data collected in the European Union. The seven Safe Harbor Principals are:


As a Consumer Reporting Agency, our clients provide us with personally identifiable Information of individuals, for use in making employment-related decisions, such as who to hire, retain, promote, or re-assign, based on the reports that we provide. In all cases, our clients have certified to us that they have provided disclosure to the subject of the report that a background investigation is being performed and that personal data may be gathered for the purpose of completing the report. Clients must further certify that they have obtained consent from the consumer prior to requesting a background investigation. A consumer may find out more about the nature and scope of any inquiry that is made about them by contacting us through the contact links posted on this website.


This service affords individuals the opportunity of “choice” as to whether their personal data will be made available to a third party. The consumer’s explicit consent is required in that our clients must certify to us that they will receive the aforementioned consent from the consumer before

A background Investigation report is requested. If a consumer wishes to “opt-out”, a consumer can notify us via phone, email, or web link that permission to use, or use of the data is withdrawn. That does not mean that the data is erased or deleted. Various laws require that the data be maintained on file for a 6 year period of time for the protection of the consumer. Please note that in the event of an opt-out, that data will not be transmitted or disclosed to an unauthorized third party at any time. If you do not want Eagle Screen to have your personally identifiable information or to share it with our subcontractors, do not sign an authorization which would allow our client to procure a background investigation report on you.


Data is only provided to the client or it’s agent for the above purposes described in the Notice section. Data is only forwarded to an entity that has been authorized by a consumer to receive the data or an agent of the end user operating on behalf of the end-user. We may also operate as an agent for a Consumer Reporting Agency as defined under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In either event, the employer or the CRA must certify that the information will be used only for the permissible purpose of employment and that the information will remain private and confidential. Reasonable steps are taken to ensure that any party that receives information from us has certified that it will maintain privacy and confidentiality and will utilize the information for a permissible purpose only. By definition, any third party that receives information from us has given a consumer notice as to the purposes of the collection of the data and a charge of whether the data is to be collected by virtue of the fact that an employer must obtain a written consent to obtain and use any data obtained by Eagle Screen.


A consumer may request access to all data collected and maintained about them. You may contact Eagle Screen via the information provided at the end of this document, at any time if we hold any personal information about you and to obtain access to that information. Under the terms of the FCRA, a consumer is entitled to a copy of their report. However, we reserve the right to require proof of identity, including proper verification and confirmation that you are the individual who is entitled to request a copy of the report. Although we make every effort to ensure that the data we collect and store about you is as accurate as possible, we cannot guarantee, nor can we be responsible for data accuracy about you supplied by third party sources, or data supplied by our clients.


Our data security meets or exceeds all industry standards. All electronic information is stored off-site, within the United States, in a secure state-of-the-art data center. Personal data transmitted to or from our website is protected by a secure socket layer key with encryption for data transmission. While we employ up to 256 bit SL encryption transmitted online by you, information is also protected offline. Eagle Screen Employee access to PII is limited to those employees on a need to know basis and for a limited amount of time while assembling information for the report. All employees are background checked prior to hire and rescreened regularly. All employees who have access to PII are regularly trained in privacy practices and procedures. Information is retained electronically for 6 years pursuant to the FCRA. If a consumer wishes to “opt out” of Eagle Screen services, then they should refuse to sign consent to authorize a background check from their potential or current employer.


We will only collect the data of consumers for the intended use that it was provided to us for the purposes listed in “Notice”. The data includes information that is necessary to identify the consumer


We periodically determine that this privacy policy is accurate and conforms to each of the Safe Harbor Principles. EU consumers who feel that their privacy rights may have been violated should contact either Eagle Screen or the European Data Protection Authorities directly. Eagle Screen will cooperate with the European Data Protection Authorities in the investigation and resolution of all complaints.

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